FLOSDentistry. revolutionized.
Maintaining your health shouldn't have you shivering.

And so, we're restructuring the entire dental experience.

For you.


flos.'nuff said!

FLOS Dental Spa is a newly born revolution. We've combined research, new technologies, and the input of individuals like yourself to transform personal experiences in the world of dentistry, for both patients and practitioners. At FLOS, our goal is to change the way the entire industry operates. We'd like to see people of all ages happy and healthy; glad to see his/her dentist on a period basis to maintain a healthy smile--without any fear, anxiety or otherwise.

In order to do so, we've gone to many extremes, paying attention to the smallest factors in hopes of bringing comfort to our patients with little or no additional cost. Such factors range from the simplest elements such as hand softeners, neck pillows, and cozy blankets all the way to spa d├ęcor, aromatherapy, noise cancelling earphones, and even a facial!

FLOS's new facility features advanced dental technologies presented within a serene and cozy, spa-like atmosphere. This provides clients a revolutionary dental experience they deserve!


Most of our new clients are. See, we're sparking a revolution. As time goes on, we hope other clinics will also adopt this new, relaxed approach. Thus making it more available for patients to ENJOY the maintenance on their oral health.


Our professional team looks forward to meeting you and your family and addressing any issues, concerns, or questions you may have. Please call 773.256.9222 and schedule your free consultation.